Wooden Doctor’s Toys: New highlights for your role-playing segment!

Posted on: May 6, 2021

The Emergency Backpack and the Doctor’s Bag are absolute trend products!

Children love to slip into the pretend role of a doctor. For that reason, doctor’s kits are absolute must-haves in the nursery! With the new Emergency Backpack and the classic Doctor’s Bag from small foot will bring a breath of fresh air to your role-playing section! Modern and realistic toy utensils are hot-sellers – especially when they’re made of wood!

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Everything that children need for doctor-patient role play!
With this standard doctor’s bag, the young, aspiring medical practitioners are perfectly equipped! The bag made of soft fabric makes a great impression visually and functionally with its easy-to-open grips that are held closed with magnets and made of natural wood. The inside of the bag contains everything needed for pretend treatment: a stethoscope, a thermometer, a toy syringe, and much more – all made of robust wood! The highlights are the blood pressure gauge with a pump ball and the otoscope with a real magnifying glass.

Product features that impress parents 100%:

  • Thermometer with adjustable temperature
  • Otoscope with real magnifying glass
  • Reusable, washable children’s cloth mask
  • Additional equipment: syringe with push-down mechanism, stethoscope, scoop, disinfection solution bottle with pump mechanism, medicine bottle and teaspoon, tweezers, clipboard, reflex mallet, salve tube, scalpel

A common doctor’s bag with highly visible wood material



Blood pressure gauge with pump ball and cuff



Plasters with hook-and-loop pieces


Tablet container with screw-on lid


Saving and helping people, just like the grown-ups – It’s easy with the small foot Emergency Doctor’s Backpack!
With this realistic rescue kit in emergency signal colours with adjustable straps, all young, aspiring first responders have plenty of „real“ tools and utensils from the medical industry at hand. The double zipper and elastic insert slots in the backpack provide order and quick access to the emergency equipment made of robust wood! The absolute highlights of this emergency doctor play kit are the blood pressure gauge with a pump ball, the otoscope with a real magnifying glass, and the toy defibrillator with a chalkboard!

Product features that impress parents 100%:

  • cuff can also be used to secure the IV bag to the patient
  • Otoscope with real magnifying glass
  • Reusable, washable children’s cloth mask
  • Clipboard with anatomy sketch on a chalkboard surface
  • Complete set: emergency ampoules with a insert slot for a toy syringe, disinfection spray with a pump mechanism, plaster with hook-and-loop pieces, tablet container with a screw-on lid, toy syringe with a push-down mechanism, salve tube, stethoscope, scal

Thermometer with adjustable temperature



Blood pressure gauge with pump ball and cuff



Backpack with double zippers and elastic insert slots



Defibrillator with a chalkboard for drawing the heart rhythm


With these robust and haptically pleasant wooden medical toys, children can explore and practise things in role play that are typically done during a doctor’s visit. The illustrations on the utensils give hints as to what they can be used for during play. Ideal for when you’re on-the-go!

It’s an absolutely modern addition for your role-playing and doctor’s toys assortments! This is because parents place great value in environmentally sustainable toys made of wood that don’t sacrifice the appearance and functionality! Looking for even more doctor’s kit play sets? There’s guaranteed to be something for every customer in the diverse small foot doctor’s toys assortment!

The „Winner“ of their category!
The new doctor toys, the Emergency Doctor’s Backpack and the Doctor’s Bag, are Legler’s new Category Champions! All of the relevant market demands, wishes, and needs of children and parents were the focus during the development process of this new product. Come learn more about the „Category Champion“ term and which small foot brand products are a part of it!

Good to know!Light Bulb
Even more arguments for the sales consultation:Produktdetail

  • Children love to role-play – especially when they can slip into the role of a helper (a doctor).
  • Playing „doctor“ promotes children’s social development
  • Children want to understand the real world, and as an example, they can get prepared for upcoming doctor visits/appointments or „process“ them afterwards with doctor’s toy kits
  • When role-playing, children can also process negative experiences and fears
  • Children learn to put themselves in other people’s shoes (figuratively speaking) and imagine their feelings
  • Playing „doctor“ has a positive effect on children’s speaking and expression skills
  • When role-playing, kids can also practise rules, such as remaining still during a medical examination
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