Why wooden toys are true success guarantors for your retail toy business!

Posted on: May 22, 2019

Timeless, unique and totally trendy!

Sustainability is the talk of the town at the moment, and the desire for more conscious and environmentally friendly lives is growing more and more in our society! That’s also a reason why the demand for environmentally valuable and long-lasting toys is growing.

Wooden toys are making a comeback!
Parents are focusing more and more on durability, quality, safety and sustainability when it comes to purchasing toys! What material is more suited to those things than wood? It’s a renewable raw material that’s not only extremely stable and durable, but also timeless! Customers particularly love the special feel of wood that lays softly in the hand. But the added value of the material is not the only thing the customers are focused on – they also care about childhood development and learning. With playful learning, many parents strive to buy pedagogically valuable toys which combine fun with learning! Wooden toys are especially suited for this because they allow children plenty of room for discovery and being creative. Score points with your customers with these strong sales arguments.

„Your Mum used to play with that!“
Toys which not only offer lots of playtime fun, but can also last for generations. Compared to plastic or other materials that other toys are made of, wood very rarely breaks. Our wooden toys fulfil the highest quality standards because it’s our goal to manufacture toys which last longer than childhood itself and can be passed on to later generations.

Safety is #1!
When it comes to their children, customers pay especially close attention to safety! For this reason, our toys are subjected to safety inspections so that playtime remains carefree! This is especially important because young children like to put things in their mouths, which is why our baby toys are colourfast and saliva-proof! This is the reason why our toys are approved by the German TÜV or carry the „Spiel gut“ seal. These are acclaimed decision-making aids for your customers!

But wait, there’s more: More and more of our products are manufactured from FSC® 100%-certified wood (licence code FSC-C138595). This certification is a real customer magnet because more and more customers are looking for the FSC® seal.

Make good use of the ongoing popularity of wooden toys and increase your turnover with high-quality, attractive toys from Legler, your specialist dealer. With 30 years of experience, a reliable giant in the wooden toy business!

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