Well prepared for the first day at school!

Posted on: June 11, 2013

These game and product ideas help nursery-school pupils to get prepared for the first school day, or primary pupils to simplify the everyday school life.


For older nursery-school children:

Latest during the last year of nursery-school children should learn the basic skills like colour recognition, basics of numeracy, fine motor skills and social- and linguistic competences to be prepared for primary school. The following early learning toys have a high educational value and nurture a larger part of the essential basic skills for school:

For primary pupils:

Especially right after the holidays the motivation for the new school term is not that high. In order to facilitate the start we selected a special product assortment which will help to enhance the everday school life. Also the school cone can be filled with this assortment!


For everyone!

For e perfect timing – print our cute schedule!

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