Walking is better than flying! Exotic baby walkers will give your turnover a big push!

Posted on: September 23, 2020

The Toucan Baby Walker: A new bestseller with product features that impress.

Come discover the new small foot Toucan Baby Walker! This extraordinary baby walker offers novice walkers a whole bunch of playing and learning fun on three playable sides. Comes with a horn, a shape-fitting game, a sliding labyrinth, and many more features that customers will love.

The toucan is the brightly coloured, fun bird of the jungle – and he has a lot of fun in store for young, novice walkers too in the form of the new small foot Toucan Baby Walker!

Honking, inserting shapes, pushing – One baby walker, many possibilities!
Behind the flamboyant jungle look lies a sophisticated walking aid that’s really something special: the triangular shape and the material comprised of both laminated and solid wood guarantee a high level of stability in the side pieces and grips. The basket material can be washed or cleaned off with a moist cloth. This baby walker also offers a whole bunch of playing and learning fun on three playable sides with a horn, a shape-fitting game, a sliding labyrinth, gears, and turning tile elements. The beak and the bottom shelf offer space for other toys, while the rubber-finished wheels provide safe and quiet forward movement. And the absolute highlight? The waddling, webbed feet on the front wheels that make fun, silly sounds when the walker is pushed!

Perfectly Equipped – These product highlights impress parents:

  • Particularly stable and non-tilting with its robust construction and triangular shape
  • Rubber-finished wheels for quiet, safe rolling

Additional play possibilities with wooden building blocks, a shape-fitting game, a horn, butterfly valves, a labyrinth and gears


Beak and bottom shelf are practical storage spaces


The „plopping feet“ make funny sounds when rolling


Storage basket (beak) is made of easy-care, easy-to-clean kite fabric


Wood is trendy and contemporary
With its highly visible wood material and sophisticated, material-saving design concept, the Toucan Baby Walker has its figurative finger on the pulse of the times because many parents are searching for environmentally sustainable materials and prefer baby walkers made of wood without having to sacrifice functionality and extraordinary visuals. With this toucan, you’ll be bringing in a fresh breeze! It’s an exceedingly practical play companion for novice walkers which impresses both young and older customers with its appealing, exotic look.

Good, Better, Category Champions!
The Toucan Baby Walker is one of the new Category Champions from the house of Legler! All of the market-relevant end customer requirements, wishes, and needs were in focus during the development process of this new small foot innovation. From this process arose an exclusive baby walker that you won’t find a second time on the market. Learn more about the term „Category Champion“ and which other small foot products are part of them here!

Good to know! Light Bulb
Even more arguments with which you can convince your customers during the sales talk:

  • Especially environmentally friendly with the wood material and material-saving design.
  • Parents are looking for lovingly designed, functional, and long-lasting wooden products that will provide children with long-lasting fun – and the Toucan Baby Walker fulfills these expectations!
  • Wooden baby walkers are more environmentally friendly and haptically more pleasant than products made of plastic without sacrificing functionality and appealing designs!
  • Gender-neutral: the exotic design is appealing to both girls and boys alike!
  • Multifunctional baby walkers with lots of play functions are a good investment because they accompany children for a longer time in various capacities and functions.

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