The new 2016/2017 catalog is here! What’s new?

Posted on: September 12, 2016

Just in time for the start of the time of high sales volumes, we present to you our new catalog – with many new products and great new items for a bombastic Christmas season!

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What’s new? The most important info for you at a glance:


  • Selected new items are now found in the new category Trends and Highlights 2016/2017. All other new products have been sorted into the current product categories. The green New-Button makes it easier for you to find them! btn_zu_den_neuheiten_GB
  • The new product line Noisemaker from small foot design: the highly sought-after musical toys, from the guitar to the flute, shine in their new unique design. See the new products on pages 6 and 7 or online.
  • New from small foot design: unique products from our own development team can be found on page 8. All other small foot design products are in the categories labeled with the catchy little tabs. Boost yourself above and beyond the competition!


  • New product line TRAINible: The new low-priced assortment of accessories for wooden toy trains as an ideal addition to your assortment – also with attractive sales solutions for the PoS! Discover it now in the catalog on pages 10 to 15 or online.
  • Now back in our assortment: the well-loved and profitable licensed products from The Hungry Little Catepillar. Over 20 products now in the catalog on pages 16 to 20 or online.
  • Finding Dory now at Legler: Just in time for the first cinema showings on September 29, we present to you the perfect puzzles that belong in every assortment. Discover them on page 216 or online now.
  • Growth in the retail stores: Article Nr. 10147 Wooden sales stand comes with space for 16 displays – and we’ve got those, too: pick and choose the most delicious out of 18 new types of fruit and vegetables on pages 284 and 285 or order here now.
  • For the start of the Christmas season, decoration articles in the trendy Shabby Chic Look belong in every assortment! How about article Nr. 10247, the wooden decoration hanger display, 144 pieces on page 371, or article Nr. 10206, the decoration tree Christmas Motif on page 370?
  • New practical categories for you in the catalog: Merchandising. Here you’ll find our new sales solutions for your PoS at a glance. Starting on page 477 or immediately here.
  • Longer service times! Starting November 1, we’re open longer to assist you: you can reach us Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM to 7:00 PM!
  • New pictogram in the catalog: these items come with transparent packaging.jj 

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  1. Cecilia Maria Costa Ferreira Anaquim sagt:

    Please send me your new catalogue. I would like to purchase for cristhmas season.
    Best regards.

  2. would you like to post me your new catalogue 2016/2017 please.

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