The decision-making aids for customers! Starting now, come discover the „Spiel gut“ seals on selected products!

Posted on: May 27, 2019

These products guarantee loads of fun while playing, learning and discovering!
Which criteria were judged?

  1. Is the toy appropriate for the recommended age group?
  2. Does the toy promote fantasy and imagination?
  3. Does the toy tie together age-appropriate life experiences
  4. Does the toy offer diverse and continuous play possibilities?
  5. Is the material suitable for the play purpose?
  6. How are the design, the colours and the shape of the toy
  7. presented?
  8. Is the toy too small, too big, too light or too heavy?
  9. Do the number and amount of play materials allow for a
  10. successful playtime experience?
  11. How are the toy and its mechanics constructed?
  12. Does the toy’s durability and lifespan match its play purpose?
  13. Is the toy safe?
  14. Is the toy environmentally friendly?

A very good rating! These toys were able to impress the experts and families in our field tests and proudly carry the „Spiel gut“ seal! And customers love that!


11160 Emergency Doctor’s Kit


A trendy doctor’s kit in a case for young docs. All the pretend medical emergencies in the children’s room can be handled with this wooden doctor’s briefcase. The numerous utensils fulfill every doctor’s wishes. The syringes and salve containers even come with a pump function. This is how all the dolls and teddy bears can have their blood pressure measured and their small wounds tended to as prescribed. Finally, all the treatments can be written down in the practical medical file.


10889 Snacktime


It´s about time for a snack! With these wooden accessories, young picnickers can put together a real snack pack. The Velcro fasteners hold the parts together and can be separated with the wooden knife.


Other products with the „Spiel gut“ seal:

3128 Rattle Balls


This toy is great fun for babies! The pastel-coloured rattle is great to hold and the small balls roll around and make exciting noises when it is shaken. The baby rattle is naturally saliva-resistant, colour-fast as well as non-rusting and nickel-free. It can be cleaned very easily by wiping it with a damp cloth.


Hold on tight! This ergonomic grasping toy with a semicircular grip made of high-quality wood can be perfectly held by the smallest hands. Seven pastel-coloured beads and discs slide around on a metal pole when the toy is shaken to make an exciting sound.


This wooden rattle has bright colours and a bell. The high-quality wooden rods are easy to hold and therefore train baby´s motor skills. This rattle is colour-fast and saliva-resistant.
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