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Posted on: August 26, 2019

Dear Customers and Friends,

The theme of the year: Sustainability!
For us as manufacturers and distributors, it’s very important to us to have a responsible approach to handling resources and consuming energy, from the acquisition of raw materials all the way up to packaging and delivery. An example? Our Stacking Tower „Move it!“ is manufactured entirely of the renewable raw material of wood. The wood itself comes from FSC® 100%-certified cultivation – a guarantor of sustainable forestry and the global preservation of forests. After the wood is processed, the tower is then painted with water-based and absolutely saliva-proof paints which exceed all the European safety and environmental standards.

Sustainable is also called „durable“
In our product development process, it’s not just the material which is in focus, but also the product durability. We want to manufacture toys which outlast one’s childhood and can be passed down to future generations – and that’s also sustainability in practice! Our Stacking Tower is therefore made of robust solid wood and wood treated with a laminated glue process which can withstand extreme stress. And the packaging? It’s made of cardboard that’s stable enough to be used as a long-term storage solution. Once it’s no longer needed, it can be easily recycled as waste paper.

Looking beyond the end of our noses
But there’s even more to sustainability! We’re thinking globally and socially, and we contribute to the general well-being of the regions from which we get our raw materials and products. Our membership in ICTI is an example of this. Beyond that, we are proud supporters and partners of Doctors Without Borders. And here at home? In recent years, we’ve equipped our location in Delmenhorst with its own solar-based power source and set up a sustainability task force which will develop our strategy even further. Even now, we’re shipping our wares to our customers completely CO2-neutral with our participation in the „gogreen“ programm of the Deutsche Post.

Making changes
Change is always a process – we can and we will make sure that the Legler world becomes a bit more sustainable every day. I personally and we as a team understand the task at hand – and we will personally see to it that sustainability is anchored in the Legler DNA as one of the brand’s central values, from the product development phase to the logistic sector. Be there with us!

Yours Truly,

André Eichinger

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