The 2020 Legler Product Campaign: These Category Champions are the small foot highlights of 2020

Posted on: January 7, 2020

Learn what’s behind the „Category Champions“ concept, and which small foot brand products will be the top sellers in the 2020 toy market!

Last year, we caused a sensation with our placement in the top three nominations for the Toy Award. The internal reform process that we initiated last year is now bearing even more fruit: in the spirit of our new product campaign, we’re presenting you with the first „Category Champions“ – these are our self-developed, sophisticated wooden toy highlights.

What exactly are Category Champions?
Category Champions are products which come from our own new development process: From the design phase to sales and product management, all departments act in concert, research the market and target premium products for certain toy categories. In addition, end customer demand and opinions are researched and implemented in the design and development stage of new products. For example, many customers mentioned in their product reviews that our balance bikes need bike bells and a handlebars basket so that the young ones can bring their favourite plush animals with them. We heard them loud and clear – and we changed our products right away! That’s how we’re offering your customers the best possible products!

small foot Category Champions = The ultimate products in each toy category
Our new highlight products bring together exactly what parents and children want! In our freshly-printed 2020 Trends Compact Catalogue and at the Spielwarenmesse trade exhibition in Nuremberg, we’re presenting these so-called Champions which unite the many benefits of product quality and eatures while remaining affordable. Some examples are the new „Whale“ Baby Walker (Prod. 11608) and „Elephant“ (Prod. 11607), the new Balance Bike „Pink Hummingbird“ (Prod. 11613) and „Blue Paper Airplane“ (Prod. 11614), as well as four new balance trikes (Products 11609 – 11612). The XL Modular Play Kitchen (Prod. 11464) and the Multifunctional Play Store „fresh“ (Prod. 11436) are pedagogically sound, sustainably planned, modernly designed and very stable.



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