Sustainable photovoltaic system at Legler premises

Posted on: June 7, 2013


Sustainable photovoltaic systems on the roofs of Legler’s premises

Legler Trader’s Journal:  Ingo, the enlargement of our photovoltaic system interests many of our readers! How many photovoltaic systems have been installed and how much surface are those in total now?

Ingo: Since 2007 we have three advanced photovoltaic systems on the roofs of our Legler premises and in August 2012 three additional systems have been installed. All together 6 collectors form a surface of 1.440 sqm.

LTJ: What exactly makes these systems that sustainable?

Ingo: The direct transformation by solar cells from sunlight to electrical power is emission-free and generates a positive CO²-Balance. Whereas the power produced by older installations is conducted to the local energy supplier EWE, the produced energy of the new systems, installed at Legler, is used for our internal consumption and only the excess power is fed into the public grid. That means – the altogether 6 systems can supply 36 four-person households with the yearly produced power of 168.000 kW.

LTJ: How many CO²-emissions can be saved using this technology?

Ingo: Solar Technology is an efficient energy source and compensates Legler’s own emissions. 274 tons of CO²-emissions are expected to be saved until 2030.

LTJ: Does Legler promote any further field of environmental protection?

Ingo: This tradinghouse is a sustainably active company for a long time – additional to the use of the CO²-neutral shipments of the Deutsche Post and the eco-friendly recycled paper, Legler uses packagings made from FSC-certified material. Also our durable and sustainable wooden toys illustrate our commitment to the environment.

LTJ: What’s your final statement on the photovoltaic systems?

Ingo: The high-performance photovoltaic systems round off the whole environmetal protection activities of the tradinghouse and serve as an important tool for even better and more sustainable activities! Sun has finally come out also in Northern Germany! We are happy about the wonderful sunlight and hope that it will be sunny and warm for the whole summer!

LHT: Oh yes! We totally agree with you! Thank you, Ingo!

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