Spring is coming: It’s the starting shot for the 2020 Easter and Outdoor season!

Posted on: March 4, 2020

These turnover boosters are waiting for you in the new Easter and Outdoor catalogue! Request one now and get a 5€ voucher.

Spring and Easter are just around the corner! Use our expertise as one of the largest manufacturers of wooden toys in Germany and learn more about how you can really pump up your sales in these lucrative spring months in our newest Easter and Outdoor“ theme catalogue!

The outdoors and exervise: A recipe for success – These are sure to get kids out in the fresh air!

The outdoor season is finally coming, as is the Easter business season – is your assortment fit for the outdoor playing days? Both young and old fresh-air fans will be heading into the gardens, around the house or to the playground! These toys will bring play and fun out into that fresh air while generating an extra helping of sales power!

  • The new Category Champions and the ultimate highlights of the outdoor assortment are the „Wooden Horse“ 11664, available starting 06/2020), the „Mud Kitchen“ (11665, available starting 06/2020) and the „Garden Trolley Set“ (11663, available starting 05/2020) with which you can offer your customers the absolute highlights and top-selling products.
  • Some special highlights of our best-of selection are also the new balance bikes, „Pink Hummingbird Balance Bike“ (11613) and „Blue Paper Airplane Balance Bike“ as well as the balance trikes (11609-11612) for all the young bikers!
  • „Gardening“ just like the grown-ups – equipped with a wheelbarrow, watering can, spades, rakes, and more, the kids can really help out in the garden now and get the flowerbeds in shape!
  • With swings, the sky’s the limit for kids and for your turnover! These products totally belong in every diverse assortment of outdoor toys. You’ll find weatherproof, robust swings made of wood and plastic in various designs with us. Brand-new in our assortment are the „Flexible Children’s Swing“ (11585) in a bright green colour as well as the „Wooden Gymnastic Rings“ (11592) and the „Wooden Trapeze“ (11586) for the young acrobats!
  • Active!“ – Our outdoor series is more of an absolute customer magnet than ever, combining parlour games, lots of movement, and fresh power! The „Bean Bag Throwing Game Active“ (11373) is new in the assorment and jam-packed with XXL fun!

But that’s not all: Hand carts and stilts can also generate an extra helping of sales power!

Gift Highlights for Easter

These products will fit in great with your Easter assortment and will make the Easter season even more colourful:

Come discover all the new and trending products in the online shop now!

And here’s an especially lovely special: A 5€ instant discount voucher is waiting for you in the catalogue! Redeem it now and save on your next order! Still haven’t received an „Easter & Outdoor“ theme catalogue? Simply request your free copy. Tel: (0)4221-97302-0, or via email: service@legler-online.com

We’re looking forward to your order!

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