small foot on social media

Posted on: August 24, 2018

small foot on social media

One of the most important elements of a successful brand is direct dialogue with people. Our brand small foot is the subject of that direct dialogue – with families and particularly with parents who are familiar with dealing with the subject of which toy is most suitable for their children. Safety and pedagogical approaches to the promotion of learning are fundamental arguments to promote sales because they represent the core needs of child rearing. And we’re delivering these arguments to you!
We’re doing this on our website, but also on social media. And you’re going to profit from this too because a brand is only attractive to customers when it makes a connection to something. That’s why we plan on spreading the word about our brand small foot and sharing comprehensive information about wooden toys, pedagogy and child rearing in the following social media channels so that we can spread expertise about wooden toys to more topics relevant to target demographics:



As the largest social network, Facebook represents the drop-in centre for most people on social media. Customers can get informed about small foot and get in touch with us directly there. We answer questions and write exciting posts about all sorts of topics that are important to parents. We’re making active investments in our brand promotion which will support your sales in the intermediate term.


A picture says more than a thousand words. It’s no wonder, then, that Instagram has been so successful. Many brand ambassadors require harmonious colours and clear pictures rather than so many words in order to raise excitement for something new. And naturally, this also applies to wooden toys. Here are some playtime ideas to discover and exciting content about brand ambassadors that can see success across all sectors. Follow us on this channel and find out which products are particularly successful on the market at the moment from our sector influencers and trendsetters first-hand, and never miss a single one of our contests, cooperative efforts and so on and so forth! That’s a hot tip not just for you, but also for your customers!


Wooden toys are toys which are alive. Moving pictures are obvious, sensible choices to promote living materials. On Youtube, we’re offering you a drop-in centre to inform yourself about our products as well as great new video content which you can naturally use on your own digital channels. So come on by and click “Play”!


On this channel, customers like to browse around and discover new things. That’s why we’re definitely not missing out on the chance to use this channel with our wooden toy products and seasonally suitable décor products. You can also be sure that our small foot brand is always close to end consumers! It’s also worth it for you as a retailer to take a look at our Pinterest platform in order to find out which small foot products are enjoying particularly high popularity with your potential customers!





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