Now new! Multiplication Board is getting its FSC® certification!

Posted on: December 11, 2018

Get your share of the FSC®-certified toys which are real customer magnets! Now you can prepare an even better sales argument for your customers.

Products with the FSC® seal stand for particular environmental and social responsibility. The wood materials used in our production come from sustainably manage forests or plantations which are regularly and independently inspected and certified according to the strict international guidelines of the Forest Steward Council (FSC®).

This product will lose its old product number 7583 and can be ordered with this new product number: 10953

Order this new FSC®-certified product from this growing portion of our product assortment today!


10953 Multiplication Board

this product previously had the product number: 7583

A frame made of FSC® 100%-certified wood with 81 solid cubes. Multiplication equations are on each cube with the solution on the opposite sides. Four sides are blank and can be filled with your own equations! Children can playfully learn maths with this product. Please note that this product previously had the product number 7583.



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