Now in stock: High-quality small foot multicoloured packages!

Posted on: June 11, 2015

Our new small foot multicoloured packages are finally here! They not only emotionally address parents. Children are also delighted with an attractive, colourful package that can be played with or used to store anything later.

The new design resulted following intensive market research and consulting with several specialist agencies. We’re sure – these multicoloured packages are now especially attractive and of high-quality and are a convincing argument when making a buying decision!

What’s so convincing about the package?

  • Emotional picture of children
  • Attractive design
  • Extensive end customer texts and article details
  • High-quality packaging carton
  • Several detailed article images
  • Product is securely and solidly packed

This is what the new package looks like in detail:

Buntverpackungen _1

Which products already use our new package?

Longingly expected and now it’s finally here! Our most popular products are now gradually arriving at our firm with the new multicoloured packaging. Here you will find an overview of all articles with new multicoloured packaging, which you can already purchase. Download all articles here:


Just a moment…! A few new products will come with the new main catalogue directly in the beautiful multicoloured packaging. Which ones are they? Have a look at a preview here of which articles will presumably be available with new packaging as of September 2015. Download an overview here:


By the way: In the shop on the article details page you will recognise the new multicoloured package from the packaging type „Legler Multicoloured Packaging„!

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    Thank you for your comment. Our customer service will send the catalogues! Have a nice day. Your Legler Team!

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