New in our range: attractive city-puzzle!

Posted on: October 11, 2013

Doing puzzles with 500-1500 parts with beautiful motifs and made of environmentally friendly  materials is a special experience. These puzzles combine the impressive faces of a town in a modern styled collage. Suitable not only for children of the age of 12 up. These city-puzzles are a big pleasure for adults as well. Discover our new city-puzzles!

8742 Puzzle Berlin 500 parts

8742_puzzle berlin 500 teile a

8743 Puzzle Paris 1000 parts

8743_puzzle paris 1000 teile a

8744 Puzzle New York 1000 parts

8744_puzzle new york 1000 teile

8745 Puzzle Rome 1000 parts

8746_puzzle rom 1000 teile a

8746 Puzzle London 1000 parts 

8745_puzzle london 100 teile a

8746 Puzzle San Francisco 1500 parts

8747_puzzle san francisco 1500 teile a

You will find these and many other novelties here!

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