NEW for all tray orders: Buy First – Pay Later!

Posted on: January 27, 2020

Profit from extended value dates immediately for all tray orders!

With our modular tray concept, we’ve been giving you a completely new and flexible sales solution for your point of sale for a year now. This is because the theme-specific, fully-stocked shelf trays can be utilised in a flexible way: ideally as an insert in a small foot tray shelf, but also as a counter or table display, or even on your own shelves – the trays can be used as you see fit.

Just in time for this one-year anniversary, we’re extending the value dates for all tray orders by 6 months for you. That means you can order your trays with no stress, sell all the products, and pay nothing until 6 months later.

Curious? Discover the modular tray concept in the new POS brochure 2020!

1 Comment zu “NEW for all tray orders: Buy First – Pay Later!

  1. Caplan Daniela sagt:

    I eant to buy now and to pay in 6 monts
    .How can I do this.I m from Romania.

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