Movere Motor Skills Triangle product introduction, item Nr. 10451 – More than just “three sides” – motor skills will be diversely developed here!

Posted on: January 23, 2017

 Movere Motor Skills Triangle – Natural playtime fun on five different sides!

The Movere product line attracts buyers and sellers alike with the use of lots of wood, naturalness and a high level of playtime value. There’s lots to discover on this motor skills triangle. Things can be spun, pushed, and put in the correct order, while one’s own reflection can be admired in the mirror. Different materials invite children to discovery and simultaneously train their motor skills. And here’s the special thing: the motor skills triangle can be easily transported by children and set up differently each time with the three wooden poles on the sides.

Item Nr. 10451 Movere Motor Skills Triangle product introduction


Size: Height: ca. 26 cm, Ø ca. 24 cm
Recommended Age: 12 months
Material: Wood
Packaging: small foot colored packaging


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