Legler online shop: save time by using wishing lists and pictures wall!

Posted on: January 16, 2015

Now new! You want to refresh your range, but still not sure what products you want to add? You’ve got a product in mind, but haven’t (re) found it in the shop? Take advantage now of the Legler pictures wall and quickly browse through the wide overall range!

Enjoy browsing through the Legler wishing lists and set easily with one click your favorites to your wishlist – nothing will get lost and you will save time in your product selection! The many sticky notes with items that you wanted to remember for a special event in the future (eg. you see in September a nice article for Easter) really become unnecessary!

Here you go:

Log in with your account details at www.legler-online.com



Select the pictures wall



Browse the pictures wall and scroll your way through.



While you’re at it, simply add as many items you want to your wishlist with a click.



Keep an overview on your wishlists with your recently added products.


Select and buy or just leave it for your next purchase, so that no item „that you might have seen“ gets lost anymore!


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