Legler designs your print ad/banner!

Posted on: June 7, 2013

In order to support you with regards to any marketing campaigns, we are happy to do the design of your ad or your banner for free!





Here is what you need to do

1. Choose your desired motif

Print ad:

Anzeigen1_GB                 Anzeigen1_GB_sw

Motif 1                                                Motif 2                   


Anzeigen2_GB                 Anzeigen2_GB_sw

Motif 3                                               Motif 4



Kunden_Banner_Skyscraper_GB                      Kunden_Banner_Skyscraper_GB_2

Motiv 1                                  Motif 2



Kunden_Banner_Superbanner_GB_2      Kunden_Banner_Superbanner_GB_1

Motif 3                                                                                         Motif 4


2. Book an advertising format with a magazine/ newspaper/ on a website at your discretion. Attention: The costs for the ad placement will not be assumed by Legler. Please plan enough time for preparation. We need approximately 14 days to design your ad.

3. If you decide to do a banner ad, we recommend the following sizes:

  • Super banner (horizontal): 728 x 90 Pixel
  • Skyscraper (vertical): 160 x 600 Pixel


4. Please inform us about the exact ad’s measures aswell as your desired motif and provide the following files/ information:

  • printable logo
  • tagline if applicable
  • phone:
  • email
  • website

5. Thereon we create an ad according to your provided data (see above) and send you the finalized ad layout by email. In the event that something is not correct we offer a free of charge correction opportunity.

6. When everything is perfect, all you have to do is to pass on the finalized ad to the magazine/ newspaper.

Please note that costs for the ad placement in a magazine or the medium of your choice  aswell as the correspondence with the publisher can’t be assumed by Legler. Please also  plan enough time for the preparing of your ad.

Order your ad here: marketing@handelshauslegler.de

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