In the passing lane with travel games!

Posted on: June 25, 2019

Games to-go are real winners in the summertime. Whether it’s on the road to the travel destination, on the beach or at the campsite – these practical travel games can fit in every bag, are attractive impulse purchase products and are guaranteed to provide the best entertainment for both young and old.

Particularly on long car or train drives or on a plane … a travel game belongs in every suitcase or in the carry-on bag! With these, there certainly won’t be any boredom on the drive to the vacation spot or at the holiday location! Normal parlour games are often unwieldy due to their oversized packaging, and aren’t very suitable for luggage. That’s why we recommend our popular parlour games in practical variations for when you’re on-the-go!

Unsere Favoriten:
11210, 11211, 11209, 12019, 12022, 12020, 12021, 11366, 3460, 2490, 11366

For everyone who doesn’t want the playing to end while you’re on-the-go!

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