Ice cream and music: Use niche markets, get more sales! Order now with a 5€ discount

Posted on: June 11, 2019

The turnover is in the niche markets!
Children want to discover the world! Toys which promote children’s active initiative and fantasy are very much in demand by parents, particularly in the current digital age! Music and role-playing toys, especially for children’s play kitchens and play stores, are very sought-after! Ensure your lucrative turnover in niche markets with themes such as ice cream and music!

All children love ice cream – especially in the summer!
Once the real ice cream has been eaten, the day moves on with the cool favourites in the play kitchens and play stores! Ice cream & sweets are the trending products in the toy groceries and accessories category for your role-playing assortment, whether it’s ice cream stands, finely detailed toy ice cream cones or ice lollies. Ring-a-ling … It’s really great when the ice cream cart comes along!

Wooden music and noise-making toys are hot-sellers!
Children love to experiment with music and explore sounds. Whether by themselves or in a group – wooden musical instruments are great challenges for even the youngest children and are loads of fun! With our musical assortment in the „Sound“ series in attractive, child-friendly designs, you’ll be perfectly equipped!

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