Ice-cold customer favourites and musical hot-sellers bring the lucrative extra business!

Posted on: May 25, 2020

Order popular music and role-playing toys and get a 5€ discount.

Even when opportunities for free-time activities for families with children are currently restricted, they don’t have to go without one particular thing: ice lollies from the supermarket or ice cream in a bowl to go from the ice cream café around the corner! And that’s no wonder, because who doesn’t love ice cream?🍦

This sweet, cold treat is often the highlight of the meal plan, especially for children, and it’s a guarantee for a good mood. Therefore, it shouldn’t be a surprise that toys in the theme of ice cream are very popular with kids. Ice cream toys are among the favourites, especially in the children’s play stores and play kitchens. Ice cream and sweets are trending products in the realm of toy foodstuffs and accessories for role-playing assortments, whether it’s the Ice Cream Holder (1248), the Ice Lolly (11070) with true-to-the-original details, or the Ice Cream Cone (10886)! Ring-a-ling…could it be that the Ice Cream Trolley (11065) is at the door?

With these ice-cold summer classics, your turnover is guaranteed. Come discover more wooden toys that provide realistic playtime experiences in the nursery in our „Ice Cream Café & Cake“ product category. Just as popular as ice cream and loved the whole year ‚round: cake! The new Cuttable Birthday Cake (11509) is the top seller in the role-playing assortment and a real favourite for children’s coffee dates.

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Wooden music and noise toys are hot sellers!
It’s not only the ice cream melting, but also the parents when the kids reach for musical instruments and give their best for their first very own musical compositions. With small foot musical instruments, you’ll be offering your customers THE instruments for child-friendly music-making. Children love to experiment with music and sounds. Whether alone or in a group – wooden musical instruments promote this development even in the youngest children and are loads of fun! With our wide music assortment from the exclusive „Sound“ series in appealing, child-friendly designs, you’ll be well-equipped! Have you seen the new „Sound“ Music Triangle (11507)? This musical instrument will provide acoustic highlights and is a rattle, a bell, a drum, and a xylophone in one item. Also popular is the number-one hit among the xylophones: the brightly coloured Xylophone „Classic“ (11480).

Turnover is found in the niche – and with these wooden musical toy classics, you’ll be adding true customer favourites to your toys assortment. Get your share now!

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