Flamingos, Llamas & Sloths: Trendy animals for more turnover! Order now with a 5€ instant discount!

Posted on: July 8, 2019

Trend animals as the „Kings of the Nursery“!

Flamingos, llamas, sloths and their friends are the new trending animals and the absolute stars of 2019! You’ll be hard-pressed to find a toy shelf without at least one exotic flamingo playing a lead role, a toy or decor product without a cute llama or a chill sloth, and the unicorn is still the most popular fantasy creature! Trend animals have their permanent spot in the hearts of both young and old, and provide lots of additional sales, regardless if it’s in the form of a wooden toy or a stuffed animal!

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Even more animal power for you assortment!

Did you know? Owls are always cool! These wise animals are always very popular customer choices, and dinosaurs also haven’t even gotten close to going extinct on toy shelves!

Who’s getting into the pole position in the race to the 2019 trending animals throne?

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