Educate! Play, fun & the desire to learn! This will impress more than just pre-schoolchildren

Posted on: August 6, 2019

This makes learning fun – the „Educate“ product group from Legler offers (pre-)schoolchildren the possibility to playfully try out their first attempts at learning while bringing all kinds of fun at the highest pedagogical level! From slide rules and Sudoku to abacuses – manufactured with high-quality, brightly-coloured wood, these 23 Educate products support children with their learning development and preparation for school. The products are customized for various different age groups and difficulty levels.

Newsletter subscribers can now save cleverly on orders placed up until 14.08.2019! You’ll find your personal 5€ voucher in our current newsletter!

And here’s the best thing: More and more products from our popular „Educate“ product group are already available as FSC® 100%-certified products. You can find an overview of these products in our „FSC®-Certified Toys“ theme world.

An extra tip for your point of sale: Our Educate products are also available as an attractive Shelf Tray (Product Nr. 12099)! These work wonders as counter displays for the upcoming start of school or displayed together with other relevant toy themes in the small foot Tray Shelf (Product. Nr. 12092).

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