Easter Bestsellers – Discover the top sellers for your Easter business here!

Posted on: March 6, 2019

We know what’s in demand for Easter! Come browse through our „Easter“ theme world and secure the top sellers for this holiday. Small gifts and play sets are particularly great in the Easter nest. But motor activity classics, parlour games, wooden toy vehicles and musical instruments will also provide lots of joy for young toy fans! But your role-playing assortment should also be prepared with the produts that customers are looking for now: Toys in the themes of working and the kitchen.

You’ll only find such a wide assortment of Easter products with us! You’re sure to find something great here:


11315 Rabbit’s School Play Set


There´s so much to learn for young Easter bunnies! Eight cute rabbit boys and girls with modern designs and made of FSC® 100%-certified wood can visit this rabbit´s school. The teacher who stands at the front of the class teaches the young hares everything they need to know. Four school benches and a chalkboard complete this 14-piece set. While role-playing, even children who don´t yet go to school can pretend to live the school life and get to know it. All figurines are lovingly designed with many fine details, and also make a great impression as decor in the children’s room or as Easter decorations.


5793 Rabbit Hutch


Rabbit hutch with accessories. The opening allows little hands access to the interior so they can feed and comb their little cute rabbit and refill the water bottle. The little ramp provides a good help for the bunny to get in and out. The heart-shaped window enhances this beautiful design. With this hutch children can train the daily care of their little animal friend.


12090 Compact Lock House


This house provides an experience full of keys! With its various locking bolts, a U-lock and a hinge lock, this lock house made of FSC® 100%-certified wood promotes the development of children´s concentration and fine motor skills. Many day-to-day situations can be playfully practiced and tried out with this house. This lock house can be taken along wherever, thanks to the high-quality wood manufacturing and the compact size. The cord allows it to be transported easily. Who will open the next lock?


11077 Police Car


Where is the burglar hiding? This compact police car made of FSC® 100%-certified wood is ready to roll out to the next wild mission. The wooden vehicle speeds away over smooth and rough terrain with the robust, rubber-finished wheels. If the thief is caught, there’s room for him in the trunk, and the small toy policeman can dash him off to jail while sitting in his driver’s seat. A creative enrichment for the vehicle fleet in the children’s room.


11096 Construction Site Vehicle


Well-prepared for every construction site. This construction site vehicle made of FSC® 100%-certified wood transports the most important building materials to the next building site. With rubber-finished wheels and a suitable profile for rough terrain, this truck can drive safely and quietly through the children’s room. A compact vehicle that no kid will want to put down!


11049 Push-along Frog


Would you look at that! A frog on wheels? Exactly – this brightly coloured frog made of FSC® 100%-certified wood moves up and down via the two rear wheels when it’s pushed. This not only looks silly, but also motivates children to push it around and promotes the development of children’s motor skills when they’re crawling. This frog is a real multi-talent!


10386 Recorder „Sound“



Ideal for recorder players – this recorder is a real eyecatcher! Children can learn to play the musical scale with this musical instrument and develop their sense of rhythm automatically.


11118 Tic Tac Toe Knight and Princess


Who will win – the knight or the princess? This practical tic tac toe game is the perfect game when traveling. The magnetic game box not only serves as a game board – it’s also a convenient transport box. This is how the game pieces can be easily packed up and remain ready for the next round. Let the games begin!

10052 Toolbox and Workbench, 2 in 1


You can saw, hammer and screw here! This colourful workbench turns into a toolbox in no time at all so that all the tools made of light-coloured wood can be quickly and easily stored. The toolbox can be easily transported with the carrying grip – which means that nothing will stand in the way of upcoming projects, for example with the grandparents. What will we build next?


4745 Tool Belt


Home improvement! With this colourful tool belt little craftsmen are best prepared. Including ruler, screwdriver, hammer, jaw spanner, three screws and five nuts made of solid wood with colourful lacquering. The adjustable belt can have a length between 41 and 103 cm. The click buckles of the strong nylon belt can be opened and closed quickly.


11158 Compact Play Kitchen


The cooking event can begin! This comprehensively equipped play kitchen made of FSC® 100%-certified wood has everything that young chefs need for preparing a feast. The oven is equipped with a convenient oven door. A pot with a removable lid simmers on the stove, and salt and pepper shakers provide the necessary seasoning. This kitchen can be assembled and disassembled without tools. Who wouldn’t want to cook here?

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