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Posted on: September 6, 2013

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Art.-No.: 9725,  Ritter Rost „Backpack“, the nice companion for every trip!

One of the highlights from our product range with the metal hero and his friends. This great backpack with cushionable and adjustable shoulder straps! A spacious main compartment, 2 smaller pockets and a side pocket with zip fastener for e.g. notebooks, pens, coloring books and other essential items for longer travels or trips! In the other sidepocket with rubber strap a drinking bottle is kept secured.


Art.-No.: 8741,  Planes board gameSky Race“,  trendy game with high fun factor!

An exciting board game for young and old! matching the colourful movie release, the kids can now enjoy their own adventures firsthand. Fun, games and excitement, this trendy board game has to offer!

8741_planes_brettspiel_sky_race c

Art.-No.: 6989,  Sense Box, a sensory experience of the little ones!

Discover the world with all your senses! 2 openings wih a textile covering give access to the secret contents. 2 prism windows allow some imaginations in advance and a small sinkhole in the lid makes children prick up their ears. What kind of thing is hidden in the box? Leaves, stones or feathers? This box is ideal to nurture this sense of touch.


Art.-No.: 6075, Tool case, the novice toy for little craft artisans!

Set of 6. Multicoloured and sturdy tools made of massive timber for little builders. Children can learn the different kinds of tools, e.g. hammer, screwdriver and saw. With display packaging.

6075_werkzeug 6er set g

Art.-No.: 3434,  Car Sebastian, perfect for little hands!

A really cute wooden car with rounded edges. Due to the whole it is easy to grasp and hold.

3434_auto sebastian

Art.-No.: 6992,  Rummy 1 2 3,  the classic!

For comfortable gaming eve nings with two to four players. This game comes in a great wooden case with four game boards and board supports. Two of the 106 game pieces are jokers.

6992_rummy 1 2 3_a

The product focus for the coming season continues  to be on wooden toys with long durability and recyclability. Whether the training of motor skills or training of social skills given by our toys –  those with a learning label are still trendy in our range.

In addition, we rely on the popular licensed items for the end users such as „Ritter Rost“ and are proud of the production of their own wooden toys based off the metallic hero.

The new range is rounded off by trendy Christmas decorations, child-friendly jewelry inspired by „The Lord of the Rings“ etc. and colourful sandbox toys for the next outdoor season.

Download here our press release on the subject.

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