Article data maintenance made easy! With these templates you can start the christmas-season easiest!

Posted on: September 10, 2015

We have worked on all relevant article information for you to download in our online-shop, so you can manage your Legler article offer easily and comfortably for your customers by scoring points with your complementary knowledge.

With this useful sales-help we want to make your work as easy as possible. Download them now and update your article data.

  • Recommended sales-prices for catalogue 2015/2016
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    Note: Please first login on our online-shop before you download the data. 
  • Listing of all articles: All indications of size and weight, EAN-Codes, age reccomandations, catalogue prices, type of packaging, brands and catalogue pages as well as VPEs of every article at a glance!
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    Note: Please first login before you download the data from our online-shop. 
  • Novelties 2015/2016 with catalogue page and warning notice. In accordance with the toy regulations guidelines, we do also supply you the applicable warning signs.
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  • Image data DVD 2015/2016: Get our Image data DVD now with all our catalogue photos and save time! 

Do you miss information? Do you have any question concerning one of the lists? Do you need other information? Do not hesitate to write the management personally – we are always at your disposal.

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