Anticipation is the greatest joy – Ensure lucrative additional business with Advent calendars!

Posted on: October 14, 2020

Gliding straight towards the Advent season and Christmas: Advent calendars belong in every assortment!

Slowly but surely, the hustle and bustle of Christmas is beginning and the first gifts are being bought. But people aren’t just exchanging gifts on Christmas Day – they’re also exchanging small gifts on St. Nicholas Day or in Advent calendars beforehand! We’ve got the best Advent calendars and the ideal gifts. Have you stocked up your assortment for the Advent weeks yet?

Peak season for Advent calendars!
Advent, Advent…We’ve got less than a month until the daily gift-giving starts! Now’s the time to start thinking about the upcoming Advent time and beef up your assortment with refillable Advent calendars. In our „Advent Calendars theme world, you’ll find a comprehensive selection of diverse Advent calendars that are decorative eye-catchers which can be filled with small gifts. Whether they’re modern and simple, nostalgic, or child-like and colourful – There’s something for everyone’s taste here! With these, the time until the holidays will fly by!

The waiting time shorteners for children
The new favourite among the Advent calendars and a promising hot-seller: the Winter Forest Advent Calendar (11675) which will accompany children through the exciting Advent weeks. Lovingly designed figurines made of solid wood are hiding behind 24 little doors and waiting to become part of a fantasy-filled play world day by day. For example, snowman, wild animals and children’s figures, together with Christmas trees and little houses made of wooden blocks, provide surprises for playing, collecting and decorating. … A popular alternative to plastic toys, sweets, and chocolate.

Giving joy 24 times: Everything for Advent calendars & St. Nick!
But what do you put in Advent calendars? In addition to sweets and chocolate, popular choices are small gifts and low-priced products, ranging from dancing figurines (11463) and spinning tops (11471) to wind-up toys (11468). They also come in ideal counter displays for presentation on the sales counter. Come browse through our „Everything for the Advent Calendar theme world, where you’ll find a large selection of products that belong in all 24 little bags and doors of the Advent calendars and will make children’s eyes shine with glee in the pre-Christmas time. And St. Nicholas will also appreciate knowing what he’ll put in the shoes…


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