André Eichinger in the interview: Toy Fair Nuremberg 2020

Posted on: January 15, 2020

Interview with André Eichinger, CEO Legler OHG small foot company:



How many employees are currently employed at your company?
We currently employ 147 permanent employees in Delmenhorst including 15 trainees in different training professions. Due to a regularly high workload during the Christmas season, we usually hire approx. 40 additional seasonal workers in the fourth quarter.

What products has the company specialised in?
The product brand small foot by Legler focuses on wooden toys in different product categories ranging from Baby Toys to Motor Skills & Learning, Vehicles & Play Worlds to Role Play Toys and Outdoor & Movement Toys. Small foot is the brand for wooden toys when it comes to market and trend-driven high-quality products with a high individual demand at an affordable price!

Have you already participated as exhibitors at the Nuremberg Toy Fair?
Yes, we have! In 2019 we celebrated our 25th anniversary as exhibitor and we are now looking forward to participating for the 26th time! We also take part in further national and international fairs, however, the Nuremberg Toy Fair is the world’s largest and most important trade fair and thus a highlight for us every year.

In your opinion, what will be there year’s trends?
Sustainability is the big issue of 2019/2020 and it is for a good reason that „Toys for Future“ is one of the central topics of the Nuremberg Toy Fair: toys should bring children closer to the topic of sustainability and environmental awareness in a playful way. Sustainability, from product development to logistics, is our goal and a central small foot brand value! Toys made of wood, this precious renewable raw material, in modern design such as our new Baby Walker Whale are ever more trendy. In 2020, moreover, toys that encourage children to move, products in the trendy design Skandi & Pastel as well as Role Play Toys such as play kitchens and play shops are very sought-after.

What do you hope to achieve by participating in the fair?
On our 224m2 stand in Nuremberg, we will present our business to the whole industry, meet our trade partners and all decision-makers in person, both nationally and internationally. It is the perfect setting for us to present our product highlights, novelties, bestsellers and trendy products. And participating in the Fair also means acquiring new customers, of course!

What expectations/goals do you have for this year?
We have a lot in the pipeline for 2020! With the small foot „Category Champions“ representing the non plus ultra of each of our toy categories, we are particularly focused on meeting customers‘ needs and evaluations. The creation of these top products involve maximum Legler expertise – from design to sales and product management. We will present the first Category Champions in Nuremberg – with many more to follow. We have exciting projects in store!

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