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Posted on: May 12, 2021

Whether for homeschooling or in-school learning – learning toys are year-round hot-sellers!

The product group „Educate“ from small foot not only quenches the thirst for knowledge; it also awakens a drive to learn at the highest pedagogical level!

Limitless playing and learning fun!
The high-quality, brightly coloured „Educate“ products made of wood support children optimally with their preparation for school and learning development. These products are geared towards different age groups and difficulty levels.

Make those first arithmetic attempts a breeze!
ProduktdetailFor young maths fans, the Maths Tiles „Educate“ (11369) offer plenty of calculating fun. With the two-toned reversible tiles, they can playfully learn how to do arithmetic and train their understanding of numbers.

Practise those multiplication tables: With the Colourful 1×1 „Educate“ (Prod. 11163), young numbers pros will be playfully supported while they’re doing their multiplication exercises.

With its brightly coloured wooden beads, the Slide Rule „Educate“ (11324) serves as a visual maths aid for those first maths exercises. It playfully encourages kids to practise adding and subtracting, which trains their understanding of numbers.

Playfully learn the ABCs
With the ABCs Puzzle „Educate“ (Prod. 10869), kids can playfully learn English words. Each brightly coloured wooden animal represents a letter of the English alphabet.

A child’s first words and terms can be playfully learned with the Word-Forming Game „Educate“. This game promotes the development of spelling skills and expands vocabulary.

Numbers and letters in one! With the Sliding Board „Educate“, young letters acrobats and maths pros can show off their talents. On one side, the letters must be arranged to form the correct words, while on the other side, the numbers must be put in the right spots. This gives younger children their first contact with numbers and with learning the alphabet while older, more experienced children can try to put the tiles in the right positions so that the numbers and letters are in the correct spots on both sides.

A calendar or a clock? Both!Produktdetail
The Learning Board „Educate“ offers playful support with learning to tell the time in the 12- and 24-hour systems while imparting knowledge about weather, days of the week, months, and seasons – and all this is done playfully with the help of simple illustrations. Moving the hands of the clock and small gears also trains motor skills. Comes with mounting supplies and stickers for use with 15 European languages.

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