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Posted on: June 17, 2021

Discover great products for the start of school and small treats for the school bag now!

Every year, the time after the summer holidays when school starts again and new schoolchildren have their first school enrolment is one of the most important events for the toy industry. Whether it’s a small treat for their last school report, for a colourfully mixed schoolbag for school enrolment, or just the basics for school – with us, you’ll find the right products in the theme of school. For the big sellers in the months of July and August, it’s all about the theme of learning. With the popular small foot learning toys, you’ll find the right learning toys for the start of school and the best gifts for school enrolment with us. Stock up your assortment now for this busy sales time.

ProduktdetailWell-equipped for the first day of school!
Children and their families are excitedly getting ready for the first day of school! That means that toys that will help first-year students with learning their basic skills like an understanding of numbers and colours and language and social skills are particularly in demand. Score big points with your customers with a broad selection of educational learning toys that prepare kids for school and accompany them throughout the school day. Whether it’s maths games such as the Slide Rule „Educate“ (11326) and the Shapes Learning Game „Educate“ (11101), or logic games such as the Logic Labyrinth „Educate“ (11103) or the Size Sorting Shape-Fitting Game (10525) – the learning toys from small foot help new primary school children get through their school days and supports them with learning. But older school-aged children can also find the right support in our assortment. They can always have their multiplication tables at hand with the Wooden Maths Board (10953) and an ideal aid for fractions with the game Fractions Arithmetic „Educate“ (11166). With the hot-selling Learning Board „Educate“ (11625), (pre-)school-aged children can work out important issues and topics while learning important skills having to do with the days of the week, time, seasons, and weather conditions. Come discover even more learning toys that are relevant for end customers right now and boosters for your turnover in the „Start of School“ theme world.

Alles für die SchultüteCountdown to the Start of School – On your schoolbag, get set, go!
But it’s also important to fill the schoolbag for the first day of school. Low-priced products which make an impression with their fun factor are especially in demand to fill schoolbags. With low-priced display products such as the Slide Rule To Go „Educate“ (11168), the Maths Dice Display „Educate“ (11368), the colourful Dexterity Games Display (11284) or the Construction Cube Blue-Green (11142) you’ll find the perfect last-minute purchase products for your POS with us. But also odds and ends like the pencils „Safari“ (1820) and the Pencil Sharpener (7258) are also popular with children! Come browse through the „Everything for the Schoolbag“ theme world and discover the perfect companions for the start of school for new first year students and the right gifts for the big day! With these products, you’ll be sure to please parents and ABCs pros for school enrolment. With these, the milestone of school enrolment will be sure to stay in children’s memories for a long time!

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The total package for your POS!
Exclusively from Legler and tailor-made for your POS – With the small foot Everything for the Start of School and Schoolbag Shelf Tray (11672), you’ll receive a complete set of relevant, hot-selling products that are currently in their peak season. The right Topper (11667) will ensure an attention-grabbing, sales-promoting presentation.

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Produktdetail Produktdetail Produktdetail
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