5€ discount + free toolbox! Hammer toys for the children’s workshop

Posted on: August 26, 2019

Screwing in, sawing & hammering – These children’s tools are real hot sellers!

These toys are particularly popular with young craftsmen and -women! Children show great interest when Papa reaches for a tool. It’s therefore no wonder that workshop toys are popular role-playing toys! You’ll be hard-pressed to find other toys which promote the development of motor skills, dexterity, concentration and endurance so much! From the Jigsaw Set and the Toolbox to the fully equipped Workbench – with us, you’ll find wooden tools with which children can imitate the grown-ups. Come discover all the products which are loads of fun for young, aspiring manual workers and will give your sales a boost in our „In The Workshop“ category.

Hammering games for the youngest ones
Even infants and toddlers can try out their skills with hammering games and hammering benches. And there are particularly popular: Hammering games from the Move it! product group or in the licenced design of SESAME STREET.

Autumn is right around the corner!
Little hammer games are the ideal pastime for indoors! The variations in a magical fairy look, the adventurous pirate style or in a licenced design with The Mouse & The Elephant.

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You’ll find wooden tools and workbenches which are currently very popular with customers in ourIn The Workshop“ category!

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