5€ discount and free trending toys: Here are the popular hot-sellers for autumn

Posted on: October 5, 2020

Pastel, Jungle, Rainbow & Co. – These small foot products are particularly popular with customers

Fall is coming – and it’s getting cozy! Parlour games, puzzles, and similar pastimes are particularly in demand at the moment because they offer children sensible solutions for boredom when the weather forces them to stay inside. Toys make twice as good of an impression when they fit in perfectly with the nursery decor with popular designs. We know what’s popular in the nursery these days: trendy small foot products in the themes of rainbow, jungle, safari and pastel offer a colourful, variety-filled start to the darker time of year! They’re a real enrichment for your toys assortment and true eye-catchers in your store. You’ll be totally trendy for your customers with these!

Music makes autumn colourful! Musical instruments will also provide lucrative additional business in this season. Have you got the new „Music Set Pastell“ (11685) in your assortment yet? With its soft pastel colours, it won’t just change the nursery to a concert hall; it’s also visually an eye-catcher with turnover guarantee.

https://www.legler-online.com/media/catalog/category/390x520_Themenwelt_uebersicht_Trendspielzeug-Holz.jpgRainbows – The Mega-Trend of 2020!
Children love when it’s colourful! To that end, what better way to bring colour to the gray days of autumn than with brightly coloured rainbow toys made of wood?   This colourful natural phenomenon very conspicuously became an absolute trend motif in children’s rooms and nurseries. It has also become a true symbol of hope in the fight against the coronavirus this year, which gained it even more attention. You’ll also find popular wooden toy classics in luminous rainbow designs in our assortment. Have you seen the brightly coloured, new small foot products „Rainbow Shape-Fitting Cube“ (11777), „Rainbow Wobbly Tower“ (11692), and the „Rainbow Shape-Fitting Game“ (11720)?  We’ve got motor activities and parlour games with lots of potential success!

Discreet turnover-bringers: Pastel colours are still very popular

Customers‘ enchantment for toys in pastel colours is still ever-present. It’s no wonder that toys in delicate, trendy pastel colours make even untidy rooms look clean & cool in a special Scandinavian way! Have you seen our numerous small foot highlights such as the Stacking Cubes Pastell“ (11721), the „Wooden Building Blocks Pastell“ (11722) or the „Motor Activity Cube Pastell“ (11724) in trendy pastel colours? Click your way through the seasonally-independent bestsellers in our „Trendy Designs Skandi & Pastelltheme world for babies up to preschool age!

Play wild, child! The Safari and Jungle product groups bring the wilderness directly into the nursery!
Jungle fever isn’t just making its way into interior design and decor for kids! The Jungle“ product group is bringing the wilderness directly into the nursery with its cheery, lovingly designed products. The elephant, ape, tiger, and their friends are guarantors for strong turnover in your motor activity segment. And yet another style that’s become hugely popular this year and is being seen in more and more toys? Safari! Our brand-new Safari“ product group will bring a good wildlife mood to children and take them on an expedition through the savanna. This product group with giraffes, elephants, zebras, and others seizes the currently popular Boho style with warm, muted colours and ethnic patterns. The toys‘ highly visible wood material underscores the naturalness of this stylistic direction.

ProduktdetailOrder now and save double with a 5€ discount and an attractive free product! Customers who place their order from 06.10. to 12.10.2020 will receive a 5€ instant discount and one new „Tic Tac Toe Pastell“ (11782) for free! Code:  LEGTIC.  Redeemable once per customer number.

#FavouriteToy – Influencers know what’s „in“!
Popular bloggers have their fingers on the pulse of the times and know where trends are heading. As multipliers, they’re trendsetters in the community for what’s popular. Small foot toys are high up on well-known family bloggers‘ list! Come discover which toys are popular with these influencers and get the blogger highlight products for your assortment.

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