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Posted on: May 4, 2021

Loud colours to fight the coronavirus blues are now particularly popular!

Rainbows are wonderful natural phenomena and are a strong symbol of hope, and not just for these times of the coronavirus. They’ve been providing an extra helping of optimism in windows and on footpaths for over a year now – and this mega-trend is marching on: wooden toys in rainbow designs are continuing to enjoy huge popularity because the brightly coloured beacons of hope bring happiness and optimism. Bring some colour to your assortment with a colourful selection from the „Rainbow Toys“ theme world.

Brightly coloured highlights in the nursery!
Inserting, stacking, playing – small foot toys such as the Rainbow WobbProduktdetailly Tower (Prod. 11692), the Rainbow Stacking Tower (Prod. 11775) and the Shape-Fitting Rainbow Stacking Tower (Prod. 11794) shine with all the colours of the rainbow and are motor activity toys and parlour games with promise! With learning games such as the Shape-Fitting Rainbow (Prod. 11720), children will simultaneously train their dexterity and logic. And the classic rainbow toys continue to perform excellently, too. The XL Wooden Rainbow Building Blocks (Prod. 11412) and the Large Rainbow Wooden Building Blocks (Prod. 6969) are not only great eye-catchers in nurseries and on toy shelves, but are also versatile guarantors of fun that offer countless play possibilities when stacking, sorting, and building. These hot-sellers belong in every assortment!

Attractive last-minute purchase products for your point of sale
Rainbows to go! With the „Animals“ Stacking Tower Display (Prod. 11022), the Flexible Caterpillar Motor Activity Display (Prod. 10961), and the Colourful Rainbow Worm Display (Prod. 10643), you’ll be putting brightly coloured purchase incentives right by the sales counter! Customers will definitely be reaching for these shelves!

Order now and save wisely!
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Have you seen our Rainbow Toys theme world yet? There, you’ll find all of the wooden toys in popular rainbow colours at a glance! Order now and jump on the rainbow wave of success!

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