35€ Instant Discount: Our Easter gift to you!

Posted on: February 22, 2021

Get an Easter gift of a 35€ instant discount now!

Easter is right around the corner! Make Easter your big money-maker in the early months of the year. With products from the Easter bestsellers and outdoor highlights categories, you can really boost your turnover right at the start of the season. These products sell particularly well at this time before the Easter holiday.

The best: Place an order and get a gift from us!

You won’t have to search long for our Easter present: we will reward each order placed with an order value of 350€ with an incredible 35€ instant discount! Simply enter the offer code EAST35LEG. Only valid 1x per customer number.

Please note: The offer is valid until 31.03.2021. Not combinable with the 5€ voucher from the Easter Compact Catalogue.

Get your assortment ready for Easter! Come check out our „Easter“ theme world and offer your customers a broad selection of products. Whether it’s low-priced products for Easter baskets, wooden toy cars, outdoor games, or swings for a momentous start to spring – we’ve got the right Easter products for you!

2 Comments zu “35€ Instant Discount: Our Easter gift to you!

  1. Truro Galleries sagt:

    I started to place order, but using the website it appears to show. the new prices as from 1st April and I am hoping to place this order before endMarch before price increase. Is there a way. to view the current prices ?
    Please email to advise. Thank you, Sarah Walker Truro Galleries

  2. Truro Galleries sagt:

    I particularly wanted to order the set of 3 wooden “present” boxes largest box 60 x 60 x60 cm.
    Please advise if this item is still available

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