Educate! Play, fun & the desire to learn! This will impress more than just pre-schoolchildren

Posted on: January 3, 2019

This makes learning fun – the „Educate“ product group from Legler offers (pre-)schoolchildren the possibility to playfully try out their first attempts at learning while bringing all kinds of fun at the highest pedagogical level! From slide rules and Sudoku to abacuses – manufactured with high-quality, brightly-coloured wood, these 17 Educate products support children with their learning development and preparation for school. The products are customized for various different age groups and difficulty levels.

Now brand-new! Have you seen our „Educate“ Sliding Tile Board?
Our „Educate“ product group grows and grows. Discover our brand-new product „Educate“ Sliding Tile Board now!

11299 Sliding Board „Educate“

And here’s the best thing: More and more products from our popular „Educate“ product group are already available as FSC® 100%-certified products. You can find an overview of these products in our „FSC®-Certified Toys“ theme world.


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